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This website gave our mom a voice.  She loved reaching out to others and to have others contact her.  This way, she could easily share with a newer generation, and then, have them interested in learning more.  Oh, what a conversation they would have the next time they communicated.


The question was:  What news can make our mom happy this year?  Well, mom did like to invest in opportunities to share with others.  So, we thought to give her a Website where she could share her story.  Plus, family and friends can enjoy.

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Our Beloved
Dorothy Kaufman
passed on
Mon., July 14, 2014

Dorothy Kaufman was known by many as,
"The Mircale Lady."

She escaped Cancer in her lifetime using the wisdom of nutrition and lived to a ripe age.  You can find out more about those experiences through a copy of the original newspaper articles.  The first article from 1989, is written after 4yrs. (since 1985) of being diagnosed to only live within a few months, after about 1 year of treatment.  The other article is an update in 1994 of her continual victory 10yrs. later as,
"The Miracle Lady."

click here:   Miracle Lady Cheats Death  (Article)
Decatur Herald & Review: Lifestyle by: Bob Fallstrom

click here:   Miracle Lady 10yrs. Later  (Article)
Decatur Herald & Review: Lifestyle by: Bob Fallstrom

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