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This website gave our mom a voice.  She loved reaching out to others and to have others contact her.  This way, she could easily share with a newer generation, and then, have them interested in learning more.  Oh, what a conversation they would have the next time they communicated.


The question was:  What news can make our mom happy this year?  Well, mom did like to invest in opportunities to share with others.  So, we thought to give her a Website where she could share her story.  Plus, family and friends can enjoy.

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Decatur Herald & Review: Lifestyle by: Bob Fallstrom,  Posted: Sunday, Dec. 24, 2006

Dorothy Kaufman Treats Every Day
As If It Were Christmas

DECATUR - At the age of 80, Dorothy Kaufman treats every day as if it were Christmas day. And Michele Blankenship thinks everyone should be as giving as Kaufman.

"She's a special Decatur lady who gives every day. She takes hot coffee to letter carriers in the winter and supplies them with cold drinks in the summer. She also takes drinks and snacks to the workers at Soy Capital Bank and occasionally pops into the Regions Bank in Fairview Plaza with goodies.

"If that is not enough, she gives food to people who might need a little extra," Blankenship said. So I'm asking everyone to remember what Christmas is all about. That is giving to others all year long. So let's all try to be like Dorothy Kaufman."

Kaufman is enthusiastic about her rounds. "Whenever I see a mail truck, I follow it in my car. If I run out of mail carriers, I stop the FedEx truck."

Scott Anderson, a letter carrier, said he was on Kaufman's home route for a couple of years.

"She tracks me down to give me coffee," he said. "It's quite a blessing. She took my wife to lunch. My kids all know her. She's become part of the family." Anderson has been a letter carrier for 23 years, including six years in Decatur.

Other letter carriers Kaufman sees include Jesse Angel, Randy Judd, Marcus Sellers, Mike Wood, Terry Moma, Mindy Collins, Larry Rhodes, Gene Bledsoe, Jo Scott, Rhonda Goodbred, Cindy Minott, Tim Rapson and Angie Hilligoss.

"One lady likes tea instead of coffee," Kaufman said. "I buy coffee at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Hardee's, McDonald's. If there's any left, I give it to my husband, Fred." Blankenship, a friend of Kaufman's through Bethel Bible Church, has accompanied her on the coffee excursions. "I can't believe how much territory she covers."

Kaufman is also known as "The Miracle Lady." In 1984, she was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes and was handed a death sentence, but survived. Several years later, she survived a brain tumor operation. And then several years ago, she faced amputation of her right leg because of cancer. An X-ray before the scheduled leg surgery showed the cancer was gone.

"God saw me through," she explains. Explaining the deaths of others with cancer, she maintains, "God needs good angels."

She was an organizer of the Decatur Cancer Family/Patient Support Group in the 1980s, spreading the word of her "miracle" recovery.

Bob Fallstrom can be reached at or 421-7981.
BOB FALLSTROM - H&R Community News Editor | Posted: Sunday, Dec. 24, 2006

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